Viva Girls

Enhancing the health and well-being of the Indigenous Girl Child

Indigenous Information Network in partnership with MADRE started this project which has brought many changes in the community.Changes where the community has embraced and appreciated on the initiative to an extend  they are all part of it  and have  helped to further partner with IIN to expand and make it participatory and a success.The main purpose of this project is to empower the indigenous girl child and make her gain confidence and claim her place in the community and the society.It is important thet they know that they determine their destinies and they have the power to overcome the various challenges they face.

The Viva girls activities started in Kenya and slowly IIN welcomed partners in Cameroon.The activities are carried out in different localities.From the year 2020,the activity was carried out mainly in Kenya,Sudan and Tanzania.The girls targeted are between ages 8-20years.Since Aprol 2020 we have reached thousands of Indigenous girls

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Indigenous Girls Reached

Areas of Interest in Our Viva Girls Trainings

  1. Poverty and Early Marriages
  2. Teenage Pregnacies
  3. Parent-Child relationship
  4. Peer-Pressure
  5. Climate Chage
  6. Reproductive Health
  7. Gender-Based Violence
  8. Education


tes 1

Immaculate Naserian


“Viva girls have positively impacted us. The training has been of great importance to us. I have been able to learn on how to avoid bad companies that might lead early marriage and unwanted pregnancies. I request the organization to help those girls who drop out of schools due to lack of school fees.”

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Felisters Naeku

Endonyo Nkopit

“I am grateful for the Viva girls program as it has helped a lot as girls here at Endonyo Nkopit. I have learned how to avoid bad companies and be responsible as a girl. I have also learnt on how to take care of myself how to avoid getting into unwanted pregnancies and early marriages”

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Debora Kerubo


“Since I started attending the viva girls program, I have managed to learn a lot e.g. school dropout and its causes which include peer pressure, early marriages and FGM and self-control is one of the solutions to this problem.”