Water Projects

Indigenous Information Network has been working on water issues as early as 2004. The need to have clean water to the communities in remote areas is a concern that has been in our agenda as an organization. This came about when training and working with women from Africa and checking out the possible options to ensure indigenous communities and their local communities are totally included in access to clean water.

Indigenous women approached us and expressed their concerns and problems on access to clean water. Most of them collect water from the river where they have to share the water with livestock, and use it for cooking, drinking and washing. In visiting many of the communities, there is always limitation for them on when and what time to collect water since tradition has it that the livestock has to have priority in a watering point. IIN engages elders at the community level by discussing on the way forward to solving the problem. It is important because many ties lack of access can cause conflict among the communities and women always end up to be the most affected. By working collectively together and using the little resources, has shown that where you have the heart and focus nothing can stop the success by having clean water we then have a healthy community and healthy livestock that makes an economic change to all in the community. IIN is a member of Civil society organization in water, partners KEWASNET and works closely with the members in different areas to enhance water access and conservation.