Our programs

(IIN) works with Indigenous communities who still believe and lead traditional way of life. The Cultures and traditions play a vital role in their way of survival that bring them collectively together as a people.

 Indigenous Information Network believes in human rights based approach.  This is very crucial and it ensures that while implementing our activities and projects we live no one behind. We mainstream human rights in all our work.

Indigenous Information Network (IIN), believes in promotion of the basic human rights with the communities that we work with.  Rights to good health for women, girls and boys, children and Youth and the community as a whole is important

Indigenous Information Network has been working on water issues as early as 2004. The need to have clean water to the communities in remote areas is a concern that has been in our agenda as an organization. This came about when training and working with women from Africa and checking out the possible options to ensure indigenous communities and their local communities are totally included in access to clean water.

Indigenous Information Network (IIN) is deeply involved in promoting gender equality by advocating participation and involvement of Indigenous women in all areas of development.We undertake this through several activities such as building capacity of Indigenous women and girls to create awareness and enhance their knowledge on social, economic and political issues

Indigenous Information Network believes in working with other like-minded individuals, groups and organization towards achieving its goal. We do this by networking and information sharing between the Indigenous Peoples and Local communities, women and youth both in Africa and at all levels.