Indigenous Womens Rights

   Indigenous Information Network (IIN) is deeply involved in promoting gender equality by advocating participation and involvement of Indigenous women in all areas of development. We undertake this through several activities such as building capacity of Indigenous women and girls to create awareness and enhance their knowledge on social, economic and political issues around them and advocating for Women’s rights to enable them participate fully in all areas of social and economic development.

We believe in working collectively together and mainstreaming Gender in development of our communities by ensuring that Indigenous Peoples local communities, women, girls and boys, youth and elders are involved collectively. Through partners, Indigenous Information Network has ongoing programs and projects on women rights, empowering women groups to participate fully with other Indigenous Peoples and local communities at all levels. In addition, IIN works closely with partners, government authorities, donors, Non-Governmental Organizations, and community organizations to ensure gender mainstreaming in all spheres of human development.