Training Workshop

Training workshop on revitalisation of indigenous and local food systems,water and livelihoods.Biodiversity is a major issue of concern and the indigenous peoples from Naramam,West pokot and kiltamany are working on conserving the biodiversity.In order to have the whole community fully involved ,we all collectively decided and agreed to set up working groups to discuss different issues and come up with problems , interventions and way forward collectively together. Groups were formed on Biodiversity and TK, Climate change water and health, Land and Livestock and Forestry.

Community Resource Mapping

Indigenous Community from Kilgoris Narok County ,Naramum West Pokot County and Kiltamany Samburu county during the participatory resource mapping.They took time in groups to identify resources and put down on paper where they are located.The members from each community was led by community chief in doing the digitalization of generated commmunity maps.The community was educated on the importance of mapping resources  and the benefits they will get as a community especially in terms of mobolizing funds to improve Biodiversity,improve access to water and livelihoods.The activity was done by use of Open source GIS programs

Workshop On 

1. Developing land-based provisioning systems, energy and waste management through training workshops in Kilgoris, Naramam and Kiltamany
2. Training communities on participatory communication,development and advocacy tools and negotiation skills
3. Training  on community land rights ,use and ownership of land and land rights

The trainings were done in four sections as follows:

1.Climate change 

2.Health and water 
4.Traditional knowledge and culture 


Geneva Meetings! Participation at The Twelfth Meeting of the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group on Article 8(j) and Related Provisions of the Convention on Biological Diversity (WG8J-12)

At the Working Group on Article 8(j) and related provisions in Geneva, members of the Transformative Pathways project held a side event to highlight the work Indigenous Peoples are doing to monitor their cultural and biological diversity.representatives of the Transformative Pathways consortium  gave presentations on the importance of community monitoring of land, biodiversity and traditional knowledge, demonstrating how mapping and monitoring can be vital tools, building on indigenous knowledge, for Indigenous Peoples to advocate for their rights and for the recognition of their contributions to biodiversity conservation and sustainable use.