The Viva Girl project from MADRE was one of the key activities for Indigenous Information Network and MADRE in 2019. Through this project, girls are recognized as leaders in their communities, and were organized together to create a dedicated programming by and for girls. We envision a future where girls can be free from violence, be healthy and dream. This project was implemented in 5 Counties in Kenya(Narok, Baringo, Marsabit, Samburu, and West Pokot), in Longindo Tanzania and in Douala, Cameroon. A number of mentors who were going to lead the training with the girls met and planned for the trainings that were to take place and what were the best approaches to be used. All the activities were carried out during school holidays as it was not possible to have it done during the learning period when schools are in session. The 2019 trainings begun in August and were completed in December

Empower the Indigenous girl child and make her gain Confidence and claim her place in the community and the society.

viva girl

This initial meeting was important because through this, priority issues for each community was mapped out and this enable better designing of the programs that would be carried out in each area. And out of this, four main objectives towards the empowerment of indigenous girls emerged: i. To sensitize Women and girls on the negative effects of early marriages, pregnancy, FGM and other harmful cultural practices. ii. To increase literacy levels among girls. iii.To empower women and girls economically. iv. To sensitize women and girls on sexual and reproductive health.

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