Indigenous girls and young women in Kenya, Tanzania and Cameroon are affected by several issues that include early forced marriages, early pregnancies, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) school drop outs, and other harmful cultural practices, lack of access to education, health services and sexual reproductive health education. This has caused the indigenous girl to regress instead of progress in a world that continues to become more challenging with the onset of climate change, which further affects and threatens their livelihoods. During the workshops the girls were put into groups to discuss the different issues they were facing

Based on the issues affecting the girls, these are some of the topics that were covered in the trainings: Sex, sexuality and sexual reproductive health, Adolescence and relationships, Drugs and substance abused, FGM and its impacts, Stress management, Education and good performance and self-image and selfesteem. During the workshops the girls expressed themselves in various ways. This included singing, dancing and reciting Poems. Some of the issues that were talked about were highlighted in the songs and poems that they presented

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