Promoting Climate Change Adaptation for Natural Resource Dependent Communities in Narok on Best Practices in Energy and Livestock

This booklet focuses on sustainable climate change adaptation practices and
technologies in energy and livestock production within the Narok Ccounty.
The booklet is an output from a CRM project implemented by Indigenous
Information Network and Kenya Forests Working Group on promoting climate
change adaptation for natural resource dependent communities in Narok
County and supported b6y ACT!. The project had three broad objectives: To
enhance the capacity of Narok County residents to respond to climate change
adaptation; To advocate for the integration of climate change adaptation
into sector policies, plans and strategies in Narok County and To improve
livelihood support systems and ecosystem resilience through adaptation of
best practices and technologies. The booklet was developed through a survey
to identify some of the best practices that are suitable for climate change
adaptation in energy and livestock production…….

Read more by clicking the booklet attached:Booklet

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