Youth Empowerment

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Indigenous information Network, believes in promotion of the rights of children and youths as a tool for social, cultural and economic empowerment. Children and Youth are central to the safeguarding of knowledge linked to their cultural and natural heritage. Indigenous children and young people are the bearers and transmitters of their cultures. We also note that majority of these youth form Indigenous peoples communities live under conditions of exclusion, marginalization, racism and discrimination that prevent them from developing as human beings and full citizens with rights of their own.

Indigenous Information Network organizes several forums and workshops where youths are encouraged and trained on how to participate at the various regional, national and international meetings and conferences. It also recommends the full participation of young people at local, national and international levels in decision making.

With the strong support from our different Partners, Indigenous Information Network has mobilized young women to participate in International meetings including; attending Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), Convention on Biological Diversity process, United Nations Forum Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous issues ( UNPFII), Sustainable development process and other national, Regional , international meetings. IIN will continue to promote and work with youth and children at all levels and enhance the internship programme that has been key in the organization. By working with interns form both indigenous Peoples and local communities has help empower them to advance in their careers.