Gender mainstreaming

Indigenous Information Network (IIN) is deeply involved in promoting gender equality by mainstreaming gender in all its projects and programme. We undertake this through a number of activities such as building capacity of indigenous women and ensure that the men are also involved, increasing their level of awareness and advocating for Women’s rights to enable them participate fully in all areas of social and economic development.

IIN as an organization is concerned with great gender differences, and in particular the subordination of women and young girls within the marginalized regions. Through partners, Indigenous Information Network has ongoing programs and projects on gender issues that aim to empowering women groups, among other groups and participate fully with the communities at international level on gender issues. In addition to its work, Indigenous Information Network partners with government authorities, donors, Non-Governmental Organizations, and community organizations to ensure gender mainstreaming in all spheres of human development are in cooperated.

60th Session United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW60) – Indigenous Information Network and Indigenous Women Forum Activities

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Women in Leadership and Decision Making 2014

Maputo Protocol – On the rights of women

The Maputo declaration by African Union.

Presentation – Alternative Livelihood for Pastoral Communities

 FIMI-IIN women's workshop (Kolping) 058  FIMI-IIN women's workshop (Kolping) 044
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