Climate Change

Climate change is a global phenomenon that has not spared anyone across the world. With its complexity, climate change effects and impacts have manifested more in Africa yet they have less contribution to its impacts. The indigenous, pastoralist and the local communities bare the most impacts because they depend purely on their natural resource.

There have been efforts through collective efforts at the local, national, regional and  international initiatives to address these impacts of Climate Change through mitigation, adaptation, technology transfer , finance and capacity building as the main pillars to address climate change.

IIN has  been directly and indirectly involved in climate change programs and initiatives at the national level and is part of a committee at the national level in advocating  for climate change and pushing for the Civil Society  voices and position to the policy implementer. IIN has also implemented a one and half climate change project in Narok County  with several initiatives in place including introduction to fodder management and energy with the main focus ensuring that gender is well mainstreamed and women are given more priority.

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