Water Projects

 Water is life without it you have an unhealthy planet.

Indigenous Information Network has started working on water issues as early as 2004. The need to have clean water to the communities in remote areas is a concern that has been in our agenda as an organization. This quest came after training and working with women from Africa and checking out the possible options to ensure indigenous communities and their local communities are totally included in access to clean water.

Indigenous women approached us and expressed their concerns and problems on access to clean water. Most of them collect water from the river where they have to share the water with livestock, domestic use and everyone. There was limitation for them on when and what time to collect  water since tradition has it that the livestock has to have priority in a watering point.  There and then we decided to start engaging the elders and discussing on the way forward to solving  the problem.

During the time of thinking of what to do we decided to research and found out that all the users can use the water without conflict, but we had to think on how to do that while at the same time protect the water sources around. We had to make sure the involvement of all members of the community who are the same time users of the resource.  Coming a long way with little resources has shown that where you have the heart and focus nothing can stop the success and the benefit is something that is visible a healthy community and healthy livestock that makes an economic change to all in the community. IIN is a member of Civil society organization in water, partners with County Governments in the areas of work on water issues and attends water meetings and conferences at all levels.