Merigo Women group from Logologo, Marsabit during the Kalacha Cultural Festival in Marsabit County

The Kalachafestival is an annual event that was started three years ago by the Kivulini Trust. It aims to ‘bring together pastoralists, fisher folk, metal artisans, hunter gatherers and agricultural communities from the region to share and celebrate their cultural and natural heritage in order to promote cultural diversity, social harmony and sustainable development.’

This festival will showcases the diversity of the region’s rich cultural and natural heritage through artistic expressions, exhibitions of traditional foods, medicinal plants and demonstration of traditional technology. Participating communities include the El-Molo, Gabbra, Rendille, Boran, Somali, Konso, Garri, Burji, Waata, Samburu, Saakuye Turkana and the Daasanach.

The host town, Kalacha, is an Oasis settlement located on the south-eastern corner of Chalbi Desert about 700 km from Nairobi by road. The festival site is situated in the midst of scenic acacia woodland situated about three kilometers to the north-west of Kalacha town along the Kalacha-North Horr road.

Here are some photographs of the Merge Women group who participated..