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Exchange visit between Women from Nyekweri kinendet for observation trust, kiltamany women in samburu group all visiting Twala women group from Doldol Laikipia county. Learning from each other and lifting each other spirits while sharing the successes

IIN meeting with Members of Oloisukut Conservancy in Transmara sub county of Narok Kenya. Seeking their Free and Prior Informed Consent on the project and work ahead.

A visit to paramat conservation area to see how livestock coexists with the wildlife.

Forty-Fourth Session of the World Intellectual Property      Organization(WIPO),Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore,  Geneva 12th -16th Sept 2022

Kiltamany is among the regions which have been hit hard by drought and desertification.We managed to distribute food to women at Kiltamany Resource and Knowledge centre.

Rural Women Celebration 2021

Together with our partners,Ewe had a rural women celebration at Paran Centre Narok county.Indigenous women from various communities held a workshop to celebrate the good work they have been doing in various communities.

Viva Girls training

Girls from various Indigenous communities are trained on issues such as FGM,early/forced marriages,drug abuse,poverty,education and reproductive health.

16 days of Activism 2021

Indigenous Information Network together with all the partners at the grass root level are taking this opportunity of these 16 days of activism against gender based violence to educate indigenous women on gender based violence

With an aim of working together to create visibility for local women in the county. The outcome – a declaration to advance their advocacy work

Bio-cultural community protocols are a methodology of documenting traditional knowledge. IPLCs face many challenges, social marginalization based on culture and language being the most prominent. They often struggle for recognition of their status and rights. The Waata community of Marsabit county, Kenya are a good example of this. Indigenous Information Network went to Marsabit county to guide the community in developing their bio-cultural protocol which later aid in negotiations with governments, private sector for fair and equitable benefit sharing.  The meeting included all groups of the Waata community; women, youth and the elderly from various sub counties such as Sololo, North Horr and Moyale.

Supporting & sharing together our Global statements to rural indigenous women in ololulunga in kiswahili and Maasai.

Viva Girls training at Longido Tanzania

Our organization is involved in numerous projects and Trainings.

Viva Girls Training,Kiltamany Samburu County

Indigenous Girls from various places are always trained on issues such as Education issues,reproductive health issues,peer pressure,drug abuse,harmful cultural practices and Poverty.

Soap making project,Ololulunga,Narok county

Indigenous women do activities such as poultry keeping,kitchen gardening,bee keeping,soap making and beading.

Indigenous Women,Transmara Narok County

The Indigenous women workshop at Namanga,Tanzania.The women were trained on their rights as indigenous women

Indigenous Women,Namanga Tanzania

Indigenous Women are trained on leadership skills which will help them fight for the rights and lead themselves in their various women  groups