Girl Child

The Girl Child- Big Sister Programme

Indigenous Information Networks has the issues affecting the girl child at heart. The organization is involved in several projects to support the girl child. First, we sensitize the nomadic parents on the importance of educating the girl child. We recognize that when we educate a woman we have educated the whole community. We also believe that we get rid of poverty of the mind. This helps to eliminate the undesirable element of early marriages and forced marriages. Educating the Girl gives her the power to say YES and NO to negative cultural practices and helps her raise her voice on any form of Violence. We have been involved in training the girl child to sensitize them on many aspects that affects the girl child. This has enabled the girl child to grow while at the same time acquiring life skills that will enable her to survive on the harsh environment. In the issue of reproductive health, we provide sanitary towels and girl’s undergarment for school girls who are unable to purchase these necessities. This activity has promoted, and improved girl’s performances in schools and also act as a motivation to going to school.

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 Girl Child Education

Kenyan Laws Providing For The Girl Child Rights And Protection

Child Marriage

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