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Indigenous Information Network (IIN) is a non-profit, Non Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in the Republic of Kenya under the Non Governmental Organization Act of 1990. It was founded in 1996 and was legally registered in 2001. The organization was founded by a group of professionals in response to addressing needs particularly regarding availing information through media and other channels about Indigenous Peoples, their livelihoods and challenges they face as they struggle to exist. The organization has been managed by volunteers since 1996 and has been involved in dissemination of information, environmental conservation activities, community development, and advocacy activities in support of Indigenous and Minority Peoples in the region.



Education is the key to empowerment. It is only when one is informed and mobilized that change can take place, which is why conducting meetings, trainings and workshops for indigenous and minority groups in East Africa is a vital component of IIN’s mandate.


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IIN attends meetings and conferences in Africa and worldwide to give indigenous peoples a voice and representation where the interests of indigenous and minority peoples are at stake.

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