Indigenous Information Network (IIN) works on both development issues that affect and impact on Indigenous Peoples and local communities with a main focus on women children youth and other vulnerable members of our communities. Indigenous information Network (IIN) recognizes that conservation and protection of Our Environment is key and plays an important role in our lives as it is that environment we depend on for survival. IIN is a non-profit, volunteer-run non-governmental organization (NGO) registered in the Republic of Kenya. The organization was founded in 1996 by a group of professionals in response to addressing the need for information through media and other channels about Indigenous Peoples, their livelihoods, and the challenges they

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Dissemination of information, environmental conservation activities, community development, and advocacy activities in support of Indigenous Peoples, women, girls and boys, youth and other isolated minorities in the region

2022 International Women’s Day Celebration.

Indigenous Women from Samburu,Narok,Marsabit and Westpokot gathered together at Naramam Resource and knowledge centre to celebrate the event.Under the theme “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”,Indigenous women were able to be educated on so many issues.

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Community Service among Indigenous Women.

Poverty can rampage a community but others survey more than others. The good thing about the  Indigenous women is that they care and think of working together and collectively take responsibility to help each other, This is  something that many may not understand.Rebecca Ngurianyang from Morpus village in West pokot mobilised women in her community to help this old grandmother wasted by poverty with her grandchildren.
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Morpus Village,West Pokot county